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Andrea Air Lines

January 6, 2009
Happy New Year, Happy Epiphany
As an astrologer, among other professional roles, I would like to occasionally use this space to share thoughts about the symbolism of what is happening in our sky. I look at many astrological charts, each unique, and I look at the current movements of the planets in relation to the charts (transits). There is a big conjunction coming up this year that will affect us all: Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter.
Neptune's orbit is about 165 years, Chiron's is 50, Jupiter's is 12, so the coming together of all three all at once is rare. They will converge at 26 degrees Aquarius (each sign has thirty degrees).
Jupiter and Neptune come together every 13 years, and 13 13-year cycles approximately create an entire revolution around the zodiac (169 years). Their conjunction is associated with transcendence of traditional social and religious forms.
Aquarius is the sign associated with revolution, innovation, ideal utopian societies, equality, freedom, and finding a new way-- social change.
Neptune's symbolism includes universal love and compassion, awareness of one-ness, all that is in our dreams and imaginations, the vibrational dimensions of sound and light and water, the infinite, as well as confusion, deception, escape into altered states, addiction, fantasy, glamour and disguise.
Jupiter's keyword is expansion, and includes optimism, enthusiasm, faith, growth, greed, confidence and over-confidence, luck, gifts, abundance, wealth, risk, grandeur, royalty and generosity.
Chiron represents healing, and the wound that teaches us compassion, that turns us into healers. Chiron also relates to the oracular arts, alternative medicine, meditation techniques and the integration of mind and body. Chiron was discovered in 1977, so its themes had not been prominent in our consciousness before then.
As I am seeing this conjunction approaching in people's charts, I have been seeing it as an unprecedented opportunity for spiritual healing (Neptune-Chiron) and a leap, a boost, an opening (Jupiter) for a whole new awareness that leads to creative change (Aquarius). I suppose it could also be interpreted negatively, as anything can, but I prefer to hold a vision for a profound, widespread, healing shift in the world toward inclusiveness, justice and compassion as the primary lens for all issues confronting us.
This will occur in May and then the three planets revisit the same degree throughout 2009, with Neptune and Chiron through 2010. At our Women's Mysteries retreat in May, in Maine, we will explore this event experientially and learn more about what we are collectively creating and healing.
I ask you to hold the vision with me. Open a large space for it to grow and take shape, without assuming anything at this point.
With love and new blessings,

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