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     ANDREA GALE GOODMAN is the founder of Ruby-Throated Spirit, www.rubythroatedspirit.com, Sanctuary and Voice/Star Studio in Boothbay, Maine, where she works as an interfaith minister, voice-teacher, sound-healer, mythic astrologer and tarot-reader. She creates original ceremonies for life transitions and hosts intimate retreats there, situated on an island on the coast of Maine.

     She is a High Priestess and co-founder of the Ministry of Maåt, Inc., www.ministryofmaat.org, a spiritual organization based in Kingston, New York, providing spiritual community, education and inspiration for women, devoted to nurturing world harmony and peace. Maåt is the Egyptian divine embodiment of cosmic harmony, truth, balance and justice. Andrea considers all aspects of her work to be part of her ministry. She was ordained in 1998.

     Andrea is also a composer and has performed as a vocalist and actress in experimental music and theater for more than thirty years. For seventeen years, from 1974 until 1991, she performed with Meredith Monk in New York City, in her multi-media theater and film productions as well as singing as an original member of the Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble, recording five albums on the ECM label, touring and teaching world-wide. Her last concert with Monk was Monk’s forty-year anniversary retrospective at Carnegie Hall in 2006. Other work in New York includes performances with the late Lee Nagrin in her theater pieces, playing the role of Sappho with the New York Greek Drama Company, composing for Bond St. Theatre and performing her solo Song-Stories.

     Since 1994, she has composed for and appears with the Maine-based Figures of Speech Theatre, in “Nightingale,” traveling to numerous schools and theaters in New England and beyond, entertaining thousands of children and their parents over the years. “Nightingale” won the UNIMA award, the highest award in American puppetry and was presented at Broadway’s New Victory Theater as part of the 1996 Jim Henson International Puppetry Festival.

     In recent years she has combined the intuitive singing she uses for healing body, mind and spirit with performance, improvising—with percussionist Gerry Hemingway to create a CD, Divine Doorways, which explores tarot cards in music, with Carl Dimow and Mark Tipton in their flute-trumpet-voice trio, the Resonance Residence, with dancer Pam Wiley, with percussionist Shamou to create and perform the score for Gilgamesh, an original play by Griff Braley of Heartwood Regional Theatre Company, and with Pauline Oliveros and Ione in their opera at the University of Wisconsin, Io and Her and the Trouble with Him. Andrea sings intuitively for many events, public and private, solo and in collaboration with many other artists.

     Andrea has taught voice since 1980, privately and in workshops for colleges, theater companies and dance studios, in the US and Europe, and has explored, taught and practiced vocal sound-healing since 1985. In that same year she began practicing as a professional astrologer and began her work with the Voyager Tarot. She draws on all these disciplines in performance, teaching and counseling.

     Writing was her very first creative passion as a young woman. Before she was swept up into New York’s experimental music and theater world, she published and gave readings of her poetry. Lightning Holds My Hand is her first full-length book.